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HitchSwitch: Changing Your Last Name

Photo: dearfriendblog

Photo: dearfriendblog

So you are finally a Mrs.! After everyone goes home, you've recovered from all of that smiling you will get your marriage license in the mail. Which makes it official. Now what? Do you change your last name? Do you hyphen it? Do you keep your last name? No one has to make the decision right away, but IF you do decide to change or hyphen your name now you have to go through the dreaded steps of doing so. Where do you start? What forms do you fill out? What do you actually have to change?

In comes Hitchswitch ( It was actually invented after two husbands saw the hoops their wives had to jump through to change their names. It's not an easy process. When I got married, I dreaded it. But Hitchswitch saved the day!

It was simple. I filled out some general information about myself (took 3 minutes) and bam, ALL of the forms I needed for Social Security, drivers license, passport and credit cards where either sent to me or I could print at home. They give you step by step guide on where to start (hint you have to wait until you get your marriage license). It does cost a little $$ though. There are three packages you can choose from: $29 is your print at home option, for $69 they send you all of the forms by mail and $89 for the full service package.

The best part is that Hitchswitch donates part of their proceeds to breast and ovarian research in New York City. We love a good hook. So what are you waiting for? Go check them out!

First piece of mail with my new name.

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