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Easy DIY Flower Crown

Whether for a wedding, festival, or photo shoot, flower crowns are certainly having a moment! With just a few supplies and a bit of craftiness, you can easily customize your own. Here's what we do to make ours:

- Floral wire (a mid-sized thickness)

- Floral tape

- Oasis floral glue

- Ribbon

- Flowers

For this red crown, I used wax flower, ivy, African spray roses, ranunculus, and alstromeria. Try to pick sturdier flowers that will resist wilting and bruising.

1. Make the crown base: Take one length of floral wire and twist two small loops at each end. Leaving the loops clear, wrap the length of the wire with the tape, twisting the wire while pulling firmly to activate the tape's adhesive. Next, thread the ribbon through one of the wire loops and knot, leaving a tail. Wrap the taped wire with ribbon, ending at the other loop with the same knot and tail. If you'd like, you can add more ribbon to each loop.

2. Add floral base: To give the bigger flowers something to stick to, add a greenery as a base. I like to attach it using wire to make it more sturdy.

3. Start adding flowers! Using Oasis glue makes this process so easy- just apply the glue to the flower, wait about ten to fifteen seconds for it to get tacky, then place the flower, trying to get as much surface for the glue to attach to as possible. Let dry and you're done!

Until use, crowns should be kept in a cool, dry place with a steady temperature. Refrigerators work well, as long as the flowers aren't too close to the back or touching anything else. Since we're dealing with live materials that won't be kept in water, it's best to assemble these as close to your event as possible. And take tons of pictures!!

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