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Halloween Dirt Cups: They Taste Better Than They Sound


Since we are on a fall/Halloween kick over here at Precocious Poppy we had to share our Halloween Dirt Cup recipe. We use this for kid's parties, office parties, or just a rainy weekend where we need something to do. It is super easy and delicious! Check out the shopping list and instructions below. Be sure to let us know what you think!

Shopping List:

(for 30 people)

2 packs of Oreos

2 cartons of chocolate ice cream

2 cartons of vanilla ice cream

2 quarts of chocolate pudding

4 packages of plain gummy worms

30 clear cups or small mason jars

30 spoons

I prep Part 1 before the party:


Step 1: Fill a ziplock bag with Oreos

Step 2: Crush Oreos with a rolling pin or spoon until they are broken down into crumbs

Step 3: Poor the crushed Oreos into the clear cup until the cup is halfway full

Step 4: Add two scoops of chocolate pudding (note: I don't like to add a lot of pudding since the taste can become overwhelming)


Step 5: Add two scoops of ice cream. I always have chocolate and vanilla on hand. Not everyone likes chocolate, but for the sake of dirt cups it looks the best

Step 6: Add another layer of Oreos on top of the ice cream

Step 7: Add as many gummy worms as possible (the best part)

Step 8: Enjoy!

Photo credit: Mr. Food Test Kitchen

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